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At 1st Call Mobility we place a high emphasis on the standard of our decontamination. Our dedicated cleaning teams use the latest chemicals and processes. A decontamination guide is available for all products.


Smaller items like commodes and wheelchairs are put through the aquaphase decontamination machine. Larger products are cleaned / steamed by hand.


If unsuitable for automatic decontamination, products are cleaned using approved manual methods, and viricidal/anti-bacterial chemicals.


After decontamination, equipment follows a one way flow to the drying and inspection room. Each product is re-assembled, inspected and checked for serviceability. If any defects are identified the product moves through to the workshop for repair / replacement. Once repaired it goes back through the decontamination process.


Unserviceable equipment is transferred from the inspection bay to our workshop, where it is repaired, and again passes through decontamination. Before leaving the inspection bay products which have passed all the cleaning stages are wrapped and packaged ready for reissue prior to going into the warehouse.


Serviceable equipment continues the one-way flow into the warehouse, where it is stored, ready for dispatch to clients. Our warehouses all contain mezzanine floors and tiered racking systems to allow accurate identification of products sizes and speeds up the selection process ready for dispatch to customers.