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6500 Portable Bariatric / Plus Size Wheelchair Scales

These Wheelchair Scales Are Also Known As A Weighing / Heavy Duty / Heavier User / Hospital / Community Scales

With built-in ramps for entering and exiting the scale, the 6500 portable scale is perfect for any wheelchair application. You may key in the wheelchair weight, so that only the patient weight is displayed.
EU Approval Class III



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Can be used in different locations

Lower into Position

Ready for Weighing

Carrying Handles

Integral Wheels combined with a lightweight frame and battery power

Up to 99 tares (optional)

Hold/Release key

Non-skid rubber mat

Wifi Option


Easy Transport

Eases movement

Prevents time setting up

Ease transport and allow the scale to be used in 
multiple locations.

Make the 6500 completely mobile

To store wheelchair weights

To retain weight after leaving the scale

For patient assurance and safety

Internet access for weighing patients 


Platform Size: 29’’(74cm) x 31’’(79cm)

Maximum User Weight: 47st/300kg

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