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Galaxy 2000 Bariatric / Plus Size Mattress

This Mattress Is Also Known As A Alternating Air / Pressure Relieving Mattress

A dynamic air mattress that provides high levels of pressure relief for bariatric / plus size patients up to 65st/415kg.
Featuring a waterproof, vapour-permeable 2 way stretch cover, with X-Ray translucent properties on request. This mattress is available as either a fixed width or width adjustable.
The operating pump is both energy efficient and quiet in its operations.
CPR is standard on both the 45st/286kg and 65st/ 415kg versions.

Please see below the user manuals. The first one is for the 45st/286kg and the second version is for the 65st/415kg

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Maximum User Weight 45st/286kg or 65st/415kg

3’'(8cm) adjustable width options

Stays inflated for approx 24 hours if power fails

15 minute alternating cycle

Pressure guide on pump

Manually adjusted pressure setting

Waterproof vapour permeable two way stretch cover

Long life / Low maintenance parts

Foam Underlay

Removable foam side extensions

Circular air cells

Foam base with built in hip and knee hinges

Sleep mode on Pump

Static mode

Sealed seams

Removable cover for thermal and chemical disinfection

Totally portable

High pressure relieving properties

Air cells can be individually replaced

CPR Function


Suits bariatric / plus size patients

Aids transportation / reduces overreaching by carers / suits all body shapes

Allows time to reinstate power or find alternative location for patient

Offers proven effectiveness in pressure area prevention and therapy

Easy to follow instructions for accurate settings

Allows pressure to be set to optimum level for patient comfort and care 

Patient comfort

Reduces maintenance time and costs

Provides stability when getting in and out of bed

Creates stable edge to mattress and offers width options

Do not topple maintaining stable surface

Ensures points of articulation are closer to the level of the spine when sitting up 

Reduces risk of 3rd part tampering

Aids patient transfers

Reduces risk of  body fluid ingress

Reduces  risk of cross contamination

System can easily be transported and moved to alternative bed

Suitable for patients with grade 4 pressure ulcers

Reduces costs as only faulty cell requires replacing

Increases speed of deflation


Dimensions    80’’(204cm) L  x 48’’(120cm) W x 8’’(20cm) D

Inflated Cell Height    4’’(11cm)

Pressure Relieving Foam Base    80’’(204cm) x 33’’(84cm) x 3’’(8cm)

Product Weight    5st/20kg

Maximum User Weight    45st/286kg 65st/415kg also available


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